Online Boarding Admission Form

Boarding Admission Form

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  • Vaccinations

    For the protection of all patients, EVERY PET'S VACCINATIONS MUST BE UP TO DATE.I authorize the administration of any vaccination needed by my pet for admission to the hospital. (Cats need Rabies and FVRCP; Dogs need Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella) I understand that the vaccines will be given at my expense. ALL pets are checked for fleas upon admission to the hospital. I understand that if my pet is found to have fleas, a topical treatment will be applied. *The fee for treatment is $17.50 - $20.00 based on species and weight of your pet.

    Personal Items

    I understand that any personal items left with my pet (including toys, bedding, food bowls/cups) can be lost or destroyed and will not hold any member of the staff of Fallston Veterinary Clinic liable for the loss or destruction or items that I have left. PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS. (If you choose to leave items please inform us.)


    We feed all pets Purina EN food. This is a food formulated for easy digestion and gastrointestinal disorders that can accompany the stress of boarding. If your pet requires a special diet, please provide food and feeding instructions.

    Digestive Concerns

    At times, pets will have diarrhea while boarding due to stress of being in a different environment and away from their family members. If this happens, we can send a fecal sample out and proceed with medication. Additional fees will apply.
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  • ** If other than client, the emergency contact has my authorization to make decisions regarding the care of my pet.
  • In case of emergency, we will make every effort to contact you. If we cannot contact you, we will proceed with care determined by a veterinarian for the safety and well being of your pet. This may include x-ray, blood work, medication, and possible transfer to an overnight facility. (Harford Emergency Veterinary Services.) The owner of any pet needing emergency care will be responsible for all fees incurred. We do not offer twenty-four hour supervision. I understand that the dogs are walked outside. I am aware that the utmost care is taken. I will not hold Fallston Veterinary Clinic or any of its staff liable for the result of anything unforeseen.

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